Server Rules

Welcome to Ragna Tales

Please familiarize yourself with the Server Rules below,  and we need you to please stick to them. This keeps our community safe and happy.

If you need assistance with anything relating to Ragna Tales, including account issues, in-game bugs or to report players you encountered in game, please message us through the appropriate support or discord.

1. Be respectful
Show respect to everyone in Ragna Tales , regardless of their titles/delegations (admins, game masters, members).

2. Be sensitive. No hate speech, toxic or trolling
Avoid any posting or spamming irrelevant links (e.g. nudity, racism, homophobic slurs, and the like). This server has a zero-tolerance policy for such messages, and you may be banned immediately without warning or recourse.

3. No advertising
We do not tolerate any kind of advertisements, whether it be for other communities or streams.
4. No special character names or impersonation
Your nick/user must comply with the rest of the rules. Impersonating server staff, Ragna Tales staff or significant community figures is also strictly forbidden.

5. No user bots
Bots are not allowed here. Accounts involved will be banned without warning.

Ignorance to the server rules, excuses no one.